Dungeons & Dragons returns to Baldur’s Gate with Descent into Avernus

Dungeons & Dragons & # 39; The next scenario takes us to places we've seen before – in modules, reference books and video games. And one of them plays a leading role in one of the best PC role-playing series of all time. The time has come for Baldur & # 39; s Gate: Descent into Avernus, a 256-page campaign that takes players from level 1 to level 13 and starts on September 17th. Wizards of the Coast announced this announcement today during his D & D Live: The Descent to LA

Although it had no digital revelations (no new video games, for example), this city has long been synonymous with video games. You can watch the festivities above. D & D is perhaps more popular today than it has ever been before, with links to successful series (it figures in The Strange Things of Netflix and Wizards produced a Starter Set with its branding), a huge presence on Twitch, YouTube and podcasts with hundreds of shows each week and regular appearances in the top-selling charts.

While Wizards of the Coast does not make any new video game ads, you can expect Descent into Avernus to visit Neverwinter, D & D's massively multiplayer online role-playing game, available for free on PC , PlayStation 4. and Xbox One. He recently received an update from Undermountain, which aligns the scenario of the Mad Mage's Dungeon. Ludia developer of Warriors of Waterdeep, will also be at Descent, and we may know more about the launch of his mobile video game D & D.

D & D chief designer Christopher Perkins directs the design of Baldur's Gate: Descent to Avernus. In addition to designing and writing a number of books for Wizards of the Coast, Perkins was also the longtime master of Dungeon Master for Acquisitions Incorporated, Penny Arcade's D & D show. A spokesman confirmed that this descent into Avernus did not rely on the plot of Baldur's Gate RPGs, but the alternative cover of the artist Hydro74 shows the symbol of a striking figure of these games: Bhaal, the Forgotten Realms. & # 39; god of murder. It is an enticing seduction, even if all the past has indicated that the kingdom of Bhaal was in the plane of Gehenna, not the Nine Hells (Avernus is the first layer of Hell, where the demons and Tiamat live).

Above: Hyrdo74's alternative cover for Baldur's Gate: Descent to Avernus shows Bhaal's symbol.

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

BioWare created its reputation as a story-rich RPG with punchy choices with Baldur's Gate in 1998 (which Beamdog brought back with an improved edition in 2012, available on PC, mobile and soon on consoles). The burg made appearances in the games of Baldur's Gate with the Dark Alliance series. And this has appeared in many D & D source books over the years, including the 5th Edition Test Module Murder at Baldur's Gate and The Heroes of Baldur & # 39; s Gate and The Baldur Heroes & # 39; s Gate a The DM Guild's Book containing many characters from the BioWare Games. This is the work of James Ohlen, whom Wizards recently hired to open a new game design studio in Austin.

Wizards of the Coast announces the new Baldur's Gate campaign about to publish his next book, The Ghosts of Saltmarsh which updates and adds connective tissue to the series of modules from the early 1980s and some other books from the mid-2000s. It also adds more rules for the naval and underwater combat for the 5th edition.

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